Holidays in London

Christmas is a wonderful time at the visitor’s center. We focus on the message of Christ throughout the year, but Christmas gives added energy to our message. The churches “A Savior is Born” videos were excellent and well received.
VC ChristmasIn addition we had a small stable built outside the visitor’s center and every evening we had a live Nativity on our busy street. Many stopped to watch and take pictures. Many came in to view our videos on the gift of Christ to the world, and many wanted to know more. DSC03865DSC04033London seems to be a destination for Christmas visitors. There are carnivals, ice skating, beautiful decorations and many interesting places to shop and find the perfect gift. And then there is New Year’s eve, and the London fireworks display, which are among the best in the world.

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But the new year in now here, the crowds have died down, the decorations are gone, but the true gift, the perfect gift, that of Jesus Christ remains with us and continues to be our focus and our message to the world. We invite all to receive this gift, to heed His message and allow Him to be their focus this year and in the years to come.IMG_2407

If interested, see the other pages for additional pictures and stories: Places-sites, Stories-experiences, Mission experiences & Inspiration. I’ve also added links on the “More Pictures” page to additional photo albums.


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