Looking Up

In many buildings in London the roof over your head is more than a means to keep out the  weather, it’s an expression of art , of creativity, and is designed to impress along with the rest of the structure.


Banquet room, Hampton Court


Strawberry Hill house

We’ve seen some impressive ceilings here. Some we can photograph, some we can’t.


Strawberry Hill House

Some places we have visited provide a large mirror and waste level so you can study the ceiling without crooking your neck.


Hampton Court


Banquet House


Hampton Court


Painted Hall, Greenwich


Canterbury Cathedral

Sometimes it’s fun to just look up at the natural ceiling:


Down Town London

On the Stories Page there is a story about some of the LDS historical sites in London, also a story of how London dealt with abandoned children in the 1700’s. On the Places Page there are some pictures of some of England’s Spring rose gardens.



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