Spring has come to London. We heard lots of stories before coming to London about long, dark, cold England winters.IMG_9396
There was some dark and some cold days, but they were interspersed with sunny, rather pleasant days. The weather isn’t really that bad here and it doesn’t rain that much, and when it does it’s usually just a drizzle. It has been wonderful to see the rebirth of nature this spring and the variedIMG_9423 and unusual plants that flower at different times. There are several rather plain bushes in our little garden, behind our flat. IMG_7844

IMG_9698At first we quite frankly wondered why someone planted them there. But they have all bloomed at different times with different colored flowers, some even in the dead of winter. We are certainly happy someone planted them, and we’ve even planted a few of our own. We’ve visited a few new places, even rented a car and drove out in the country. You can see some pictures of Hampton Court and the small towns of East Anglia on the places page. For you scouters, you can see some pictures of Gilwell, the very first organized scout camp, on the stories page; and I share some missionary insights on the inspiration page. We are loving the mission and the people.


Our window box


Back Yard bush



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