Winter in London

Greetings to everyone! The holidays are over, it’s a new year and we look forward with excitement and anticipation. It has been cold here, but we have yet to experience any snow. We read about snow on our daughter in New York, see pictures of snowmen and igloos our kids are making in Utah and even Arizona, but snow is rare in London. When I was growing up in Northern Utah it was cold, but it was a ‘dry’ cold.

Autumn at the Victoria & Albert museum

Autumn at the Victoria & Albert museum

When we moved to Arizona it was hot, but it was a ‘dry’ heat. And now we are in London. It is cold, and it is a ‘wet’ cold. It seems to penetrate you to the bones. I’ve learned the real value of a scarf and layers, many layers to keep warm. Fortunately we don’t spent a lot of time out in the elements. The visitors center is nice and warm, in many ways. We enjoy the winter. The trees are all void of their beautiful green leaves, but they still have a unique, bare beauty that we love.

Autumn at the Victoria & Albert Museum



I’ve posted some of our experiences on the other pages: a visit to the Tower of London on the Places page, A story about a special belt on the Stories page, and some thoughts and missionary stories on the Inspiration page. Hope you enjoy.


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