Learning & Change

The last few weeks have been ones of learning, applying and change. We have had a Zone conferences, a General conference, a Mission conference with an area authority, a Visitors Center training from headquarters and a Stake conference with Elder Moreira of the seventy. Each presented ideas and techniques on how to be more effective at living and spreading the gospel of Christ.

London Shard

London Shard

Many have joined our church lately as well. I mentioned a Chinese gal in one of my earlier Blogs who was having a hard time living some of the commandments. She has since changed her life and was baptized a couple weeks back. She just exudes with happiness and excitement every time we see her. An older Egyptian man sent an email to our center several weeks back saying he thought it was time he found religion in his life. He was taught and joined the church last Saturday. He too is so happy to understand his purpose and feel the blessings of God in his life. There are days when things are slow and there are those who are unwilling to commit or change.

The Gherkin (pickle)

The Gherkin (pickle)

Everyone has their agency. But, those who are willing to improve and accept the challenge of progression also experience the wonderful blessings associated with living as God would have them live. It’s a wonderful thing to see and experience.

We had our first family visitors from the states. We took them to Cambridge. See Places & sites page. I also added a couple things I’ve learned on the Inspiration page.

From Liverpool street train station

From Liverpool street train station


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