No Companion

Cottage in Hyde park

Cottage in Hyde park

We are happy to report that Liesel, our youngest daughter, and Austen her husband were blessed with and new baby boy in the last few weeks. Holly flew back to Utah to be with the baby and new parents. His name is Eli and he and Liesel are doing just fine. It’s weird however, being a missionary without a companion.  I certainly did not eat as well without Holly. It’s not near as effective teaching or greeting people alone, I’m not near the conversationalist, I think the sisters in the VC think I’m boring, and it’s not near as much fun looking around London without my best friend, cheaper, but definitely not as fun. But Holly is back in London now and everything is wonderful again. I have added some pictures to the Places Sites page. I’ve also update the Stories, Experiences page and Inspiration page if interested. Below are pictures of a couple apartment buildings in the Mayfair section of London, and the Catholic church in that part of town.







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