Changing Times

Things are gradually changing here. In July a lot of our visitors were from around the world, mostly United States. In August most of them were from Europe. In September we expect most of them will be from England as school is now back in session. In July it was light until 11 pm. Now it’s dark at 8:30 pm. By Christmas they say it will be dark at 4:30 pm. IMG_7518Most people told us when we arrived in England in June we would be here for “the 2 weeks of summer.” That was incorrect. There have been a few quite cold days over the past 6 weeks, and several rainy days, but most days are quit warm and partly sunny, really very beautiful. We continue to have great conversations with those who come in to visit about religion. I’ve included a couple stories on the inspiration page. And we are still finding lots of new things to see when we have some time off; see the Stories/experiences page and the Places/sites page. We ate lunch one day in the Victory & Albert museum (just next door to the visitors center). After getting permission Holly played a couple tunes on the piano. Everyone clapped and cheered and I’m sure wished her job was playing piano at the V&A museum.IMG_1364  Another day we went to the Camden Town Market which is next to a navigable canal in the outskirts of London.IMG_7520 Finally, a picture of a nice Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral near Hyde park.IMG_6678


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