We are having wonderful experiences at the London Visitors Center.  It is very interesting to talk every day to people from all over the world. Some show significant interest. Some are just curious and have little interest. Some come in uninterested and leave very interested.

English love flower boxes

English love flower boxes

Some just come to vent or convince us we have it all wrong. I actually really enjoy these guys because the conversations are always very intriguing .  If you took a cross-section of the congregations that meet in our chapel I’m sure there would be at least 10-15 nationalities represented and least that many native languages other than English. We learn a lot from these people, especially to respect and admire their culture and their commitment to follow Christ regardless of their environment.

On P-day we were able to take a trip to Canterbury (see  places page and  stories page). We also had some interesting teaching opportunities (see inspiration page). we send our love to all of you.

Upper Warlingham

Upper Warlingham

South Kensington

South Kensington


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