Visiting Center is for Visiting

We are having such wonderful experiences at the Visitors Center.Every day several come in to see and learn more. Some are members but many are not and have varying degrees of interest in the church or want a free Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon musical is big here and we’ve had many come in wanting to know more about the book and it’s background. Often they ask for missionaries to visit them or come to church the next Sunday. See the stories page for some of these experiences.

St Mary Abbots Church

St Mary Abbots Church

So, at the Visitors center, guess what we do all day? We Visit! We visit with non-members who come in, with tourist members who come in, with members who live in London and come in, and if no one comes in we visit with the sisters we work with and the security guard and the janitor etc. etc. I have never ‘visited’ so much in all my life. Holly is a natural. I’m an un-natural. I’m used to spending hours a day sticking rocks to a castle listening to ‘dad’ music. So this assignment has taken some getting used to for me. I actually enjoy it and I know it’s what this mission’s all about, but I have to admit,… I do enjoy going home to our flat and tinkering with the plants in our little garden…., because they don’t talk to me, & don’t expect me to talk to them.

Brompton Quarter

Brompton Quarter

We also now have a couple of preparation days under our belt now and have seen some really cool places. There are some pictures on the places/Sights page. We also had a Zone conference where we learned some great things about doing he Lords work (see Inspiration page).



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