Settling In

We’ve been in England 1.5 weeks now. We have explored

Big Ben

Big Ben

the area on foot and found grocery stores, a hardware store and a nursery. We have a small garden in the back where we planted a few herbs. We also tried the shopping on-line thing for groceries and have been very impressed so far. Prices are much higher than in the states, but we’re getting used to it.  We have explored the neighborhood a bit on foot. The architecture here is truly amazing. We are close to lots of interesting places. See the pictures on the ‘Places, Sites‘ page.

The visitors center is brilliant! The staff and sisters there are wonderful (see ‘Stories‘ page). We have had the opportunity to talk to people from all over the world. In fact a good ol English accent is fairly rare.  We often hear that people were just walking by and felt the needed to come in and pay a visit, didn’t know why really, but we have great conversations with them. We’re having some great missionary opportunities. The center is very busy. It’s a chapel, a visitors center, a mission office, a concert hall, a center for BYU study abroad etc. There was a wedding here this week. The background music was provided by a steal drum band. Id never heard one before. Really cool!

They held a Book of Mormon conference here this week. I took a few notes from one class. See the ‘Inspiration‘ page.


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