Mission Training Center

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Provo Mission Training Center

On June 2, Holly & I entered the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo Utah along with about 40 other couples. All of us were from different places around the world, all going to different places. One couple was from London England, where we will be going. They were heading to Pittsburgh US. There were also hundreds of young men and women, mostly 18-20 years old also heading to various locations around the globe. On Wednesday 400 new young men & women arrived. We were all receiving general missionary training. Some stayed for several more weeks to learn a language. We received excellent training, mostly from young men and women, returned missionaries, attending school at BYU. We had opportunities to prepare lessons and teach them to others, and practice answering questions about our message.

Since Holly and I will be serving in a Church Visitors center, we received visitors center specific training. This began with a tour of the Salt Lake City Temple Square visitors center (click on picture below for more info). There were young sisters from all over the globe there.

Temple Square Visitors Center, SLC

Temple Square Visitors Center, SLC

 50 different languages are spoken at Temple Square by sisters who are natives of those 50 countries. Our guides were from New Zealand and Argentina. I have been to this visitors center many times in my life, but there were awesome new displays and presentations we saw that I had never seen before. a very impressive and wonderful place to visit.

Click here to read a couple other stories about the MTC.


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